Why Having A Social Security Attorney Is As Important As A Doctor

The two most important professionals to have by your side when you are trying to prove your disabilities are your physician and a qualified Social Security Disability lawyer or advocate. Your physician reports and records should reflect your medical or mental health. These are going to be checked when determining your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits. Your doctor’s medical source statement greatly contributes to your disability case because of his ongoing patient/doctor relationship with you. This gives him greater insight into your condition and symptoms. Your lawyer handles the part of making sure that the necessary files are included in your claim so you will be granted the disability benefits.

Filing for a disability claim is a lengthy process. There is no guarantee that your claim is granted at the initial filing stage, and many claims go through the appeals process. To make sure that the months or years you spend on the process is worth it, it is best to have a legal representation.

Your disability can be proven by medical evidence and other sources. Depending on the nature of your disability, other sources may include but not limited to chiropractic care, physical therapy, psychiatric or psychological professionals.

The most important medical evidence you can present is your primary care physician’s reports. Another medical evidence to have a great impact on your disability claim is reports made by a specialist you have been referred to.

An independent medical expert may also be called in during the disability hearing to give an expert opinion on the evidence provided from a physician’s standpoint. They do not have any connection or interest to the claim or the applicant. The medical expert may also ask questions about your disability for more clarification. They are required to evaluate medical documents and testimony. Their opinion is often considered by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).the medical expert helps the ALJ determine the severity of your disability and whether your medical condition meets Social Security Disability eligibility.

Do not fail to mention to your doctor that you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits. It is important that your medical files are all up to date. This will include treatments you have undergone and a complete list of medications you are taking. All your hospital visits and any type of treatment you have received should also be complete and up to date.

The Social Security Administration has a thin definition of disability. Your doctor’s claim that you are disabled is not a guarantee that you will receive Social Security Disability benefits. That is one reason why you should be working closely with your doctor and attorney. Your doctor and lawyer should work hand in hand while filling out your medical source statement. Your lawyer will help by making sure that the all your symptoms and conditions are mentioned in a way that helps your disability claim. This includes making sure that the information about your condition or symptom prevents you from working. Your claim should prove that you are unable to keep a job or earn $900 a month.

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Somerset Disability is the national social security advocacy firm with local presence. Our experience includes helping good people navigate the bureaucracy of the Federal Government. The Social Security Administration or SSA is a government program that begins at birth, registering your birth record. SSA is there when you get your first job and receive a Social Security Card that is your government ID and allows you to pay taxes and into social security for retirement benefits.Social Security Administration - Card The SSA also is there for you when you become disabled and they are there for you as a safety-net.

Should you ever become disabled and require the help and assistance of the SSA, be warned. Claiming social security benefits is typically a long and drawn out process of applications, hearings, appeals and in the most difficult cases, you will fight your case at the Federal courts.

At Somerset Disability we are here for you every step of the way.  From your first call to our Social Security Intake Center, we will help you with a free no obligation assessment of your case.  Our intake agents are experts in assessing your details and if your have a claimable disabling medical condition, they will start the paperwork for you and we can then start working on your case.

Somerset Disability LLC is headquartered in Atlanta north with a caring team of attorneys, case managers, specialist SSA claim agents and paralegals in all 50 states. Call us today and experience the southern hospitality that has made Georgia famous. At Somerset, we will treat your Social Security Disability Claim with experience and an ongoing commitment to constant communications. When you need an update on your case, remember we are just a call away.

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