Applying for Social Security disability benefits is a lengthy process and can cause you a great deal of time and energy. Most applications during the initial stage get denied. To increase your chance of getting approved, it is recommended that a skilled Social Security Disability benefits lawyer will help you represent your case. It is your right to receive your much-awaited disability benefit by easing your mind off your financial stress.

To apply for SSD benefits, you can either go to your nearest Social Security office or schedule a telephone interview. Your claim should be filed as soon as your doctor confirms that you are not fit to work in the next 1 year. Your medical condition may also be terminal to qualify for disability benefits. Social Security only approves total disability. Short-term or partial disability is not eligible for this type of Social Security income. You will not qualify for this disability income if you were only out of work for weeks or months.

The first step in claiming for disability is to prepare and complete the SSD application. Together with your application, these are documentation you have to include:
• Any military service discharge information
• W2 or IRS 1040 forms from the past year
• Bank account information
• Contact information of hospitals, doctors, and any applicable medical facility or health care professional
• Patient ID numbers and dates of all medical treatment
• Names of medicines and doctors who prescribed them
• Medical test information and results
• Information about any workers’ compensation claims you filed

Once you have all documents ready, submit your claim to the Social Security Administration then wait for the result. If unfortunately your application gets denied, do not lose hope. Around 70 percent of applicants get denied at first attempt.

The Appeals Process

If your initial claim gets denied, you can file a total of four appeals to have the chance to claim your disability benefit.

The first appeal is a request to reconsider your claim. It has to be filed within 60 days of your denial.

If your reconsideration appeal still got denied, you have 60 days from your second denial. This appeal process is a hearing. This process requires you to appeal your case before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). It is important that you seek help from a Social Security Disability benefits attorney so your case will be properly represented. This stage in the appeals process is your best and only chance to present your case.

The third stage of the appeals process is when the Appeals Council reviews the ALJ’s decision for any technical or substantial errors. The Appeals Council may stand by the ALJ’s decision, order another hearing, or award you the disability benefit.

The last stage of the appeals process and your last chance to have your claim approved is filing a case in Federal District Court. During this stage, it is more important that you have a Social Security Disabilities attorney to represent you and make sure all forms have been filed.

In the unfortunate event your benefits claim gets denied, our professional Social Security Disabilities attorney can help you. Let us win your claim while you focus on your physical or mental health.