The Office of the Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) is where hearings and appeals are made. The hearings made before the Social Security Administration are done through their hearing offices. ODAR has 10 regional offices, 141 hearings offices. They also have 5 satellite offices and a national hearing center across the nation.

The Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) that does the hearings and makes the decisions are under the ODAR. The Appeals Council that reviews the hearing decision and also the final level of assessment for the SSA are also under the ODAR.

Disability, supplemental income, survivors and retirement applications that got denied can be appealed and reviewed. An applicant only has 60 days to file an appeal from the date the notice of denial is received. It is important that denied applicants have an experienced and decisive representation to help them win the claim.

Our competent Social Security attorneys provide these services to claimants:

– Get important and relevant data from the claimant’s Social Security file
– Have the claimant and his witnesses ready for the hearing and questioning
– Guide the claimant in collecting information and medical records to support the claim
– Go with the claimant during any hearing, conference or interview
– Keep the claimant up to date (with copies) of decisions on the claim
– Analyze the laws and facts of the case through a well-prepared and comprehensive hearing brief

A claimant deserves more than a presence of someone that can do the paperwork for them. Reconsideration or appeals hearings need an aggressive representation by a competent Social Security lawyer. A lawyer that can execute the tasks on the claimant’s behalf, assist and represent the claimant during the hearings.

We handle Social Security benefits and claims at various stages of the application. Our team of competent Social Security attorneys gives the proper representation at the review hearing and ODAR hearings.