The Social Security Disability (SSD) was created for a person who cannot work because of a debilitating medical condition. When a person with a disability is not able to do any substantial gainful activity, he can qualify for this type of financial help. A physical or mental impairment that may cause a person to no longer be able to perform his former work can be a qualifying disability. The disability should be expected to last at least one year or is life ending.

Once you are no longer able to perform your current job and become disabled, you have to file a disability claim right away. This type of claim have a lengthy process, filing too late mat jeopardize your eligibility to the disability benefit. It is also important that you meet all the eligibility requirements with a strong case to prove your disability. Not being prepared may lead to your claim being denied on the initial stage.

At the initial stage, 70 percent of applications get denied. That’s why it is important that you seek help from a Social Security benefits attorney. They can help you through the appeals process by helping you in filing and representing your case.

Are You Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

To qualify for SSD benefits, your physical or mental health condition has to be documented by your physician. Your condition must prevent you from working full-time for at least 12 months.
Some other factors to determine your eligibility are: your age, the severity and type of your medical condition, past work experience, the expected length of your medical condition, your education, and length of time you have been contributing to Social Security, and if you are able to work a different type of job.

Categories of Social Security Disability Benefits

For anyone who is now disabled and unable to work, the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is for those who have worked at least five out of the past ten years. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are issued to low-income individuals who are disabled even if they have never worked before. SSI benefits also include disabled children under 18 and have low-income parents or guardians.

If a disabled person between the ages of 50and 60 who has lost a spouse that was insured by Social Security is paid a Disabled Widow(er) benefit. Disabled Adult Child Benefits may be issued to a disabled child who suffered the disability before age 22. It can also be paid to a disabled child whose deceased parents were getting SSD or retirement benefits.
Do not hesitate to call us if you believe you, or someone you love is entitled to SSD benefits. Our experienced attorneys will be happy to help.