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Our history, values and difference.

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Here at Somerset Disability we would like to think of ourselves just a little different from all of the top Social Security disability attorneys across the country.  We understand that when you’re facing a medical condition that is stopping you from working and earning an income – you need someone that will look out for you, protect your legal interests and provide you with resources to help you as we go down this path together.

Everyday at Somerset Disability we talk with people that have arrived at this position in life, not by their own choosing, but by a medical condition or other debilitating condition. Claiming Social Security benefits should not be difficult, but for some reason to be successful at making a Social Security Claim is just that – difficult.  Most initial claims brought to the Social Security Administration are denied.  Here at Somerset Disability, Sam Earley and his team of professionals will help you each and every step of the way to get you the resolution you deserve.


Samuel E Earley – Founder

A graduate of Georgia State University Law School, Sam was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 2004. Since beginning his practice, he has recovered literally tens of millions of dollars for his clients. Today, his knowledge and expertise make him a valuable resource for both clients and attorneys who consistently turn to him for assistance.

In 2012, Samuel Earley was recognized by Super Lawyers (an exclusive, unbiased rating service honoring only the top attorneys in each state) as ranking among the top 5% of lawyers in Georgia.

Sam also stands out because of his passion for people, accessibility to his clients, and humanitarian spirit. Among other causes, Sam worked tirelessly in 2012 to aid organizations devoted to combating domestic violence, gathering food and clothing for underprivileged families, and providing aid for tornado victims in Georgia and Alabama and those devastated by Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast.

All the while, Sam’s devotion to those he represents has remained unyielding. He makes it a point to respond to clients’ questions and concerns promptly and personally. For Sam, representing a client isn’t just about negotiating a settlement or winning a ruling in court; it’s about making sure he faithfully fulfills the responsibility with which he’s been entrusted – to protect those he represents and insure they are justly treated!

The Somerset Difference

Nobody cares more about Social Security Disability cases than Somerset Disability®. We are a national Social Security Disability advocacy group serving disabled Americans in all fifty states. Our high touch legal representation keeps you advised every step of the way in your Social Security claim. With Social Security attorneys representing you in court during a trial of your disability claim, rest assured we “fight for your rights”. The Social Security Administration is a huge government bureaucracy. You need highly qualified advocates working for you. At Somerset Disability we guarantee a board certified, state registered attorney representing you and standing shoulder to shoulder with you in court.

A National Social Security Organization with Local Lawyers and Representation to Help You

At Somerset Disability we understand how important it is having local lawyers specializing in SSD, representing you before a Social Security judge. At Somerset, we’re a national Social Security claims organization with local attorneys  all across America. Any time you are talking to any of our representatives, they really are our staff… fully trained by us and working under our personal supervision. Our Founder, Samuel Earley holds each member of the team personally accountable, and ensuring they are all exceeding our standards for the finest service, customer care and case management.

Social Security Disability Advocates vs. Social Security Disability Attorneys

A Social Security Disability advocate is very similar to a Social Security Disability lawyer. By definition, an advocate is (according to Easton’s 1897 Bible) “one who pleads another’s cause, who helps another by defending or comforting him. (John 14:16; 15:26; 16:7. It is applied to Christ in 1 John 2:1, where the same Greek word is rendered “Advocate”.  ” At Somerset Disability, we are more than lawyers and advocates, we are a family business, steeped in the “traditions of the South”, It’s about always doing the right thing, for the right reasons, respecting others and helping neighbors. We’re polite, friendly and caring. If this sounds like the kind of professional representation you want to handle your Social Security claim, we would be pleased to talk it over with you.